One of the most vibrant cultures in the world, India is the perfect place to find inspiration. It is home to exquisite architecture, strong dance, music and theatrical traditions, as well as colorful styles of arts, painting styles, decor and more. The land is also blessed with amazing scenic beauty and several historical monuments, while diverse cultures make up the land from north to south. It is this combination of diversity and cultures that make India  a one of a kind in this vast planet Earth.

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Over the years, Classic Indian Arts has been bringing a piece of India to homes worldwide, satisfying friends who marvel in wonder at the beauty of this country. With our unique product range hand-picked by our team of experienced editors, we bring a selection of Tanjore and Modern Paintings. We also customize most of our painting works as per your desire to satisfy you. It is a pleasure to share India with our patrons and to satisfy everyone’s appetite for this unique culture.

Our Mission : The Arts & paintings from the talented and underrated artists from our state as well as our nation should be reachable to people across our diaspora. 

Our Vision : To make every home’s wall to glisten with a classic Indian Art or Painting as it elevates the cultural richness of our nation.

Fair Trade : No Child Labour Allowed in our site. Pre-payment is done to every artists who work for us and no credit is levied on anyone.

"Paintings are the breath of
the beauty of the world"

Since we started operations over two decades ago, we have built a special relationship with India and its people. India inspires our colors, our products, and our desire to spread spiritual depth. With India as our inspiration, we aim to give back to the country and its people. To solidify this commitment, we donate profits to various organizations across India and support our people by collaborating with the numerous and highly skilled artists scattered across here in India

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